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What the different between MMF and MFF?

At first we should explain what is MMF and MFF. This is the mode of the threesome. MMF is two male and one female. MFF is one male and two female. Many people know the words because they ever join a threesome in the past. If you never heard the words, how about have a threesome. Oh, just make a joke. Let’s come back the topic. 

a bisexual man is preparing the love bed to his partner.

What do you want - MMF or MFF?

If you are an F.

A lot of female choose the MMF mode. I just want to say it’s really a hard work. When a woman have sex with someone. It’s very hard to get orgasm. Especially the partner have the bad sexuality.

So that when they have the chance to have a threesome. They often choose the MMF mode. Expect the two man can bring her a perfect orgasm. If they choose the MFF mode. She have only half sex time in the date. Will she need masturbate to pass the time? There are another explain for the choice. People join the threesome just for fun. No emotion between the partners. The female also want more fun during the date. 

There have a threesome date. But you never meet other partners before. So, what do you want more? - MMF or MFF. I don’t think it’s a difficult program. Because you must make a decision when you bring out the date. 

There have a specialist situation. If you are a bisexual.

You can never worry about how to choose the threesome mode. So, only bisexual can enjoy the hole threesome. There are a lot of bisexual couple looking for threesome partner everyday. They have rich experience about threesome. They could be the guide of you to enjoy the fun. Many people are curious about threesome. But never have a try. It’s really good ideal to have threesome with bisexual. 

5 bisexual friends get together

If a gay want join a threesome dating, it just means they are curious about it. It may have some different fun during threesome.

If you are an M.

We see the image many times (a man rich but ugly hug two beautiful girls) in the movie and TV. Every man have the sex fantasy partner. Most of them is a girl or many girls. Man’s lust of sex will never end. No man want share the loving girl to others. So most of them well choose the MFF mode. Even it’s a hard work for him to have sex with two girls.